Most of them lost  nearly all their possessions in the 2013-14 flood. Many consist of only 3 or 4 families making it infeasible to support a school.

The  comunarios expect to build the schools  and  other facilities for the students.   They will also provide the boats needed to carry the students.  Children of the Rainforest hopes to assist in funding any new motors that may be required.

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The consensus of the indigenous tribes living in the Bolivian Amazon basin is threefold:  Primary school children can be taken by boat to centrally located schools serving a number of communities.  Secondary school students can be accommodated at boarding schools at locations a day or so from their homes and scholarships should be funded for those indigenous people desiring advanced study in order to live today yet save their indigenous cultures.

Unlike some tribes living in other regions of the rain forest, the tribes living within the Pilon Lajas Reserve have strongly resisted the pressure from illegal drug dealers to grow coca. 

They need assistance in gaining the knowledge necessary to live in this modern age without joining the pernicious sale of cocaine. 

The image above was taken in a different region in the Bolivian Rainforest.  Several decades ago, it was pristine forest also.  This  is what the tribes living in the Pilon Lajas Indigenous Reserve hope to prevent.  They believe  that education is the key to the preservation of the forest and for their survival in the modern world. 


Children of the Rainforest  will assist in the possible location of schools and to seek funding for school supplies, equipment and for the acquisition of school boats and operators to take the primary students to school each day.

The photos above show how they live today and how they hope to live in years to come.  They recognize the key for this lies in education and reduction of diseases from polluted water.

Most of the  communities within the Reserve depend on boats for travel.  Many are days away from any city or town.

To  assist each community rebuild a safe water source and to aid in the development of educational opportunities for all ages.

Help to save the ancient cultures of the indigenous tribes in the Bolivian Amazon

To help the indigenous tribes to develop safe water sources and educational opportunities for the communities within the Pilon Lajas  Indigenous Reserve and so to preserve their native culture.


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